The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign and friends presents:

What Makes A Man. Higher Unlearning: The 2012 White Ribbon Conference


Stay tuned as we reveal speakers and events at the 2nd annual What Makes A Man (WMAM) White Ribbon Conference taking place at Ryerson University Saturday February 11th.

The theme for What Makes A Man 2012 will be ‘Higher Unlearning’ as we look at how Gender roles and concepts of Gender affect all of us in various aspects of everyday life.

WMAM is a discussion-focused conference where we blur the lines between the speaker and the audience. At WMAM, rather than presenters giving long lectures leaving little space for dialogue and real learning,  invited speakers share short informal talks to spark conversation with the audience.

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What Makes A Man 2012 will once again feature our friend from Pinkfish: Reilly Dow, Graphic Recorder to help capture the discussion in her unique style. Click here to read more on Reilly’s work from the 2011 What Makes A Man Conference:

Here are some examples of Reilly’s work from WMAM 2011:

Abbey Fitzpatrick
and Al Kabia

Brandon Hay of the Black Daddies Club
and Todd Minerson, Executive Director of the White Ribbon Campaign

Spoken Word by Carlos Andres Gomez during his keynote performance of ‘Behind the Masc’

The video teaser trailer for the 2011 What Makes A Man conference

…at What Makes A Man 2012 we will also remember the co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, Jack Layton.

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